Lot Collection: 2019 Singapore Art Classic Auction

 Information     |      2018-11-23 16:51:50

Collection range: calligraphy and painting, oil painting, porcelain, jade, jewelry, jade, purple sand, strange stone, seal, Shoushan stone, Fujian and Taiwan, gold and silver, famous watches, rare books of ancient books, four treasures of the study, Buddha statues, souvenirs, coins, dZi, miscellaneous treasures.

  Republic of Singapore

一、 Auction profile:
       Auction Theme: British Royal Family 2019 Singapore Art Classic Auction
       Auction time:April 30, 2019
       Auction Category: Porcelain. Jade. Painting. Miscellaneous. Coins
       Auction Location:Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore
二、Sales Exhibition:
        Forecast time:April 30, 2019

三、 Collection Scope:

     Artron Art Network: http://auction.artron.net/huangshiguizu
     Royal Aristocratic official website: http://www.hsvip.hk 
 四、Unit organization:

       Auctioneer: British Royal aristocrat auctioneer Co., LTD
       Auctioneer: Hong Kong Royal Aristocratic Auction Co., Ltd

       Auctioneer: Saint John International Auction Co., Ltd.

 五、Republic of Singapore:


六、Support Units:

     Supported by: Hong Kong Dagong Network、 Yachang Art Network

七、 Precautions:

     ● the company dedicated to the two sides for the film and bid to provide quality services, welcomed the inquiry.
     ● booking the global presence buyers.
     ● buyers from the global community, important buyers from Southeast Asia, Asia, the Americas, Europe.
     ● Chinese art collection hot, attracting global buyers investment boom.

八、Corporate Information:

      Company name: official website of saint John international auction co. LTD
      Headquarters website: http://www.sj1889.com