Zhou Guizhen

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 Zhou Guizhen, female, was born in Dingshu Town, Yixing in 1943. The craftsmanship of Yixing Zisha Pottery was not genetically inherited. In 1958, she entered the Zisha Craft Factory. Early worshipers Wang Yuchun and Mr. Gu Jingzhou settled in Beijing after retirement. More than 40 years of creative career has made her a remarkable achievement in the art of purple sand. He has successively won the titles of senior craft artist, master of arts and crafts in Jiangsu Province, master of Chinese ceramic art and master of Chinese arts and crafts.
    In 1958, he entered the Zisha Craft Factory. Early worshipers Wang Yuchun and Mr. Gu Jingzhou settled in Beijing after retirement. More than 40 years of creative career has made her a remarkable achievement in the art of purple sand.
    In 1978, "Jade Jade Pot" made by Gao Haigeng and Zhou Guizhen was selected as a gift from the national leaders for visiting foreign countries.
    In 1989, the works "Huanlong Sanzuo Pot" and "Zhiquan Tea Set" were respectively awarded the "Ceramic Art Design" award by the China Arts and Crafts Association of the Ministry of Light Industry. In the same year, the work "Damansheng Tiliang Pot" was collected by the Nanjing Museum.
    In 1991, the work "Zhen Zhi Tie Liang Hu" was selected into the Beijing International Art Research Association.
    In 2001, "Tian Guizhen's Personal Works Collection" was published by Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House.
    The 2005 works "Jinglan Pot" and "Jiquan Pot" were collected by the National Art Museum of China. In 2006, "Rhyme Bamboo Lifting Beam Pot" was collected by the National Museum of China.
    In 2007, the work "Jiyu Hu" was selected into the "Purple Mud Qingyun Purple Sand Exhibition" of the Palace Museum and was collected. Senior art artist
Jiangsu Province, master of arts and crafts, Chinese ceramic art masters, Chinese arts and crafts masters and other titles.
The highest state of art is in the charm, the art of calligraphy and painting is the same, and the same is true of the purple sand art. The most prominent art of Zhou Guizhen, the master of arts and crafts, is in the "worker and rhyme, purple jade", just let you taste the taste, unexpected meaning! Just letting you feel that her work is never tired of it, just making you feel that her work has endless connotations!
    Zhou Guizhen's art has the most obvious two characteristics. One is solid skill and rigorous production. She can be as detailed and rigorous as possible. In this respect, it can be said that she accepted the true biography of Master Gu Jingzhou; on the other hand, her art has the freedom of the past purple sand artists. She can strictly guard the ropes and inks. Her strict slogan is because of the needs of art, and her non-defense is also the need of art, in order to break through the routine and create new paths. Because of the former, she may be innocently said to be the sect of Gu Lao, and because of the latter, she can be said to be the development, innovation, breakthrough of Gu Lao art, and finally reach beyond.
    Therefore, the purple sand pot made by Zhou Guizhen is sleek and vivid, and each piece has a distinct personality: some are deep and majestic, such as sitting, lying, squatting, screaming, screaming, The elegant and warm, quite hidden style; some of the general style of high-altitude, the rhyme is clear, fascinating; some refinement is particularly poor, mysterious non-work can be considered. Like a pot, a pot is like a person, Guizhen is completely a man's temperament, not asking for slimness, without unnecessary carving, her pot completely inherits the essence of the traditional style and craftsmanship of purple sand, and reflects the traditional creation. Promote and extend.
   The ancestors of the pottery art, Gu Jingzhou, often said that it is difficult to shape the teapot in a very simple circle. The body, the spout, and the pot are integrated into one, and the three dimensions should be paid attention to. Volume change in spatial nuances. Why Zhou Guizhen is so outstanding, in addition to her unique and ingenious talent, another important factor is that she has encountered a special training opportunity. In 1958, when he was an apprentice in Yixing Zisha Craft Factory, he received the strict production basic training of Master Wang Qichun. At this stage, she was ranked among the best in each examination. Therefore, she was the material of the purple sand that Master Gu Jingzhou was watching, and often gave key supervision. Her basic foundation is particularly solid. From 1958 to 1960, the teapot was only produced from practical teapots. Zhou Guizhen, like other people, produced a general commodity pot every day, and it was a piece-rate wage. In this environment, she is still conscientious, meticulous, and earnest. Every teapot, and faster than others, doing well, the basic skills have also been exercised. The hand is well-made, and this has continued for several years.
    The molding method of Yixing teapot is the world's unique ceramic technique. It is not the concept of the car pulled out by the brakes, but according to the extension characteristics of the purple sand mud, it is formed by the forming method of tapping and bonding. Zhou Guizhen’s skill in making the pot has reached Almost perfect for the top level, the light, heavy, fast and slow rhythm that she hits when playing mud is very strong, very rhythmic, like a percussion piece. In addition to the perfect ability to create a perfect shape, her pot makes special emphasis on practical functions. And the processing of the surface of the kettle body is like the magical work of the air, so that the surface of the embryo body is illuminated like a mirror. Her operation method of making the pot is standardized, skilled, beautiful, and has a feeling of dripping.
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