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 Expert     |      2018-11-23 17:07:46

Pierre ̇Ansas (Chinese cultural relics expert)
   The unique charm of the French market is not only the old things, but also the valuation is mostly low, very attractive and competitive, so often create a record of transactions that are several times or even dozens of times higher than the estimated price. In the middle of the first ten months of this year, the Normandy town of Bayeux (Bayeux) appeared in the Qing Dynasty rosewood eight screens, the estimated price is only 1-1.2 million euros, and finally the hammer price of 465,000 euros, 40 times higher than the estimate! France's Chinese auction record tops, in 2011, the southern French city of Toulouse auction house (including the handling fee) 22 million euros of sky-high long scroll painting "Qianlong Datu map", also higher than the estimated price of 3-400 Tens of thousands of euros. Regardless of the two auctions, or the Drouot auction house in Paris last June, the Qianlong New Year’s Royal Color Album, “Gonggongtu” (estimated price of 150-200,000), was sold at the price of 7.8 million euros. A number of high-priced seals of the Qing emperor, which were auctioned by different auction houses across France, happened to be identified and valued by the expert Pierre Ansas.
    Born in Toulouse in southern France, Pierre Ansas has been immersed in Asian artifacts for nearly 40 years. He believes that although the family has no connection with China, he liked China since he was a child and read many books about China. When I was young, I was introduced to the rich and famous Far East art expert Jean Claude Moreau-Gobard by the curator of the Toulouse Museum. I work under his command. “My expertise is completely derived from him!” Pierre Ansas pointed out: "The French cultural relics identification in France is like the small handicraft industry in Tuen Mun, which continues in the same way." He studied Southeast Asian Buddhist paintings and sculptures at the University of the Arts in Bangkok. Later he went to the UK and Hong Kong and lived in Hong Kong for six years. He had many contacts with local antique dealers and collectors. Back in France, he became an important assistant to Moreau-Gobard. In 2005, he founded the Pierre Ansas appraisal company with the expertise of Japanese art, Anne Papillon d’Alton, covering all Asian art fields. He smiled and said: "We are small, only a few members, 40 square meters of office, but have done a lot of important works!"

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