M·Bao Sizhen

 Expert     |      2018-11-23 17:05:44

    M. Bowie is a mysterious figure in the European art world. The French Oriental Art Museum, which he founded, is famous throughout Southwestern Europe. It displays thousands of rare Asian artifacts, which are rare in China, Japan, and India. Therefore, it is the same as the British Empire Museum in London and the Jigme Museum in Paris. Three major museums.
    At the age of 21, Bao Siyu came to India. After more than 60 years, he had an indissoluble bond with Oriental art and traveled all over the world to collect Asian cultural relics. At the age of 66, Bao Si married a Chinese-American female painter, Zhu Xintian, who created a legendary transnational marriage for the common hobby of Oriental art. At the age of 73, he and his wife sold two villas back to their hometown of Biarritz, and published the lifelong collection of art to create the Museum of Oriental Art. "I am using my museum to teach the French how to know Asia." culture."
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