Neil McGregor

 Expert     |      2018-11-23 17:03:16

    Neil MacGregor, curator of the British Museum. In early 2009, Neil McGregor was named the 2008 British title by The Times.

    Neil McGregor, director of the British Museum, took office in 2002. After taking office, he has been committed to international exchanges. The British Museum has held an exhibition entitled "The Emperor Qin Shi Huang - China Terracotta Warriors". A large number of ancient Chinese artifacts and works of art collected in the British Museum have also been open to Chinese scholars for research, and in this respect, they have a good reputation. Mr. McGregor is also committed to the activities of culture to the public. He has done several art collections on the BBC (BBC) and has a lot of experience in mass communication.

    According to the New York Times in early 2009, Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, was named the 2008 British title by The Times. Neil MacGregor joined the museum in 2002, when the museum had a debt of 7 million and had closed one-third of the exhibition hall. With the efforts of Neil MacGregor, the museum has accepted 6 million viewers every year. The Times commented on him: "He is a dedicated and idealist who has opened up a broader road to peace for culture."